Library Services

Whether your school is starting out or topping up, we have the library service for you.

Enrol in our supply subscription service and enjoy automated shipments of titles at the intervals you choose.

With our in-house cataloguing service, all books are prepared to your specifications prior to shipment. They arrive shelf-ready, each complete with customized return date label, a Dewey decimal classification label placed prominently on the spine, an electromagnetic security tag and a protective plastic jacket. We can also supply your librarian with MARC records in advance of the shipment, so each book’s bibliographic detail is accessible when scanned.

How it works

To enrol in our library service, your librarian will fill out a brief questionnaire to assess your programme’s needs. We then work within your budget to prepare your title selections accordingly.

We are happy to provide you with any specific titles you request, but many clients also choose to enroll in our supply subscription service. Simply set your budget and time frame, and we send you books accordingly. For example, you might choose to have £40,000 worth of books sent at the outset and then another £5,000 in new titles every six months. All titles available through this service from have been read, categorised and graded by professional librarians.

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  • I am writing a short note to say that we were very pleased with the consolidation and delivery of the Davy College order. Congratulations on doing a great job, and also in very good time!

    Ian Raitt Davy College, Peru
  • Wow wow wow ! Just to let you know that we received today the package containing the 4 receipt books and they went through customs without any problem ! That was super fast and amazing, EMS ! Thanks so much indeed for all you do, you are all number one 🙂 !

    Wafa Esseddiqi Rabat American School, Morocco
  • Thank you for your great, professional service and on-going assistance. Working with you was a delight and we look forward to a new collaboration next year.

    Patrizia Palla The International School in Genoa, Italy
  • It is always a pleasure working with you - Equip My School is organised and efficient and makes my life easier !!

    Gillian Greenwood Transylvania College, Romania
  • Thank you for sending the books out to us. I received them yesterday and my staff are very happy. Once again, I am grateful for the efficiency of your team.

    Mike Dickson, Headmaster The Regent Primary School, Nigeria
  • I too, would like to add my vote of thanks to the EquipMySchool staff for the very professional and prompt manner in which our order for the next school year is being handled. It is good to work with such a fine group of business-minded persons.

    Prof. George Hickman, Principal The Regent Secondary School, Nigeria
  • Happy New Year. First let me begin by thanking you and your team at Equip My School for making our 2014 orders easy to manage.

    Bob Simoneau, Bursar British School of Lomé, Togo
  • Good to hear from you again and glad to hear business is good for you too. It doesn’t surprise me, as the service you provide is so good I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere else!

    Jo Agaki International School, Brunei
  • Equip my school has been a revelation for BNA - things are running so much better here now with our orders etc. We actually have equipment!

    Andrea Blamire British Nigerian Academy, Nigeria
  • Many thanks for your help during the past year. Irene and I both enjoy working with you and your efficiency makes us look good!!

    Jo Agaki International School, Brunei
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