What we do

Outfitting a school can be an arduous business.

Ordering dozens to thousands of textbooks and educational supplies through different vendors quickly turns into a headache. Without the bulk purchasing abilities EquipMySchool offers, expected costs can balloon out of control. Customs present unexpected delays, orders arrive piecemeal, damaged or amiss - all while you try to arrange a timely delivery. Why waste time and resources when you could do what you do best?

We make things simple. All-in-One Delivery. All-in-One Invoicing. Simply place your order. That’s it. That’s all.

Educational Suppliers

Order through EquipMySchool.

We have all your favourite suppliers

We’ll do the rest.

We partner with the best educational vendors in the world, working together to bring your school an All-in-One-Delivery, on time, every time.

Our relationships with suppliers ensure your account always receives expedited care, as well as access to the most elite pricing tier available.

All-in-One Delivery. All-in-One Invoicing. We consolidate while you educate.

Carriage Charges & International Freight

Multiple Orders.

Multiple Shipments


Multiple Orders.

Single Shipment

Years of experience with Customs worldwide has fine tuned our process, allowing us to expedite and smooth what can otherwise be an arduous experience.

Our proprietary software ensures required HS codes are used for each and every item we purchase on your school’s behalf. And unlike some other consolidators, EquipMySchool provides one single customs document for each shipment, greatly expediting the Customs process.

This expert documentation and our established shipping network both speeds delivery and lowers your cost.

Total Cost Benefits


Reduced shipping fees.

Reduced returns fees.

Lower Total Cost.

With EquipMySchool, you will enjoy one single point of contact for all queries, a seamless customs process and a prompt, all-in-one delivery.

Organized, efficient, fast: we even issue you just one single invoice, simplifying even your accounting, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Write to us today for a free quote, and find out why EquipMySchool has dedicated clients world-wide.

On Time, Every Time

We make things simple. All-in-One Delivery. All-in-One Invoicing. Simply place your order. That’s it. That’s all.

International Schools around the world receive their books and educational resources through EquipMySchool. We consolidate while you educate.

With EquipMySchool, schools enjoy exclusive low pricing, a single point of contact for all queries, a seamless customs process and prompt, all-in-one delivery. We issue one SINGLE invoice, simplifying even your accounting.

All goods are consolidated and packed with care. Your consignment arrives in pristine condition, on time, every time. Our years of experience with freight agents and Customs houses around the world have fine tuned our documentation. High quality paperwork speeds your goods through Customs clearance and delivery within your country.

These considerations are the reasons why we have loyal clients around the globe. Our clientele includes American and British schools in Angola, Vietnam, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, South Korea, Brunei, Romania, Peru, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines, Tanzania, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, The Netherlands, China, Cambodia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Italy, Tunisia, Liberia, Kuwait, Dubai, Democratic Republic of Congo, Algeria and Ivory Coast.

Contact us now and learn how EquipMySchool can help you exceed your goals.


Ready for All-in-One Invoicing?

Why use us?

Prompt, Intelligent Order Processing

Prompt, Intelligent Order Processing

Processing starts the day an order is received: problems with clear solutions are corrected automatically. Any duplications, together with any other outstanding issues, are referred back to the school for resolution.

A Pro-Forma Invoice is supplied once the order is processed, ready to be sent to the selected suppliers. This document also provides the school with the first opportunity to ensure that all the orders submitted have been processed by EquipMySchool.com.

On-line Order Status and Tracking

On-line Order Status and Tracking

With EquipMySchool, you can easily track the completion level of your entire order online.

Stay up to date as your goods are shipped, received and processed by EquipMySchool: as soon as items are received, they are assessed through our quality control checkers, who then contact suppliers directly if any replacement or tardy items are required. Your goods are then carefully prepared for international shipment, ensuring they arrive intact and on time.

Regularly Updated Status Information

Regularly Updated Status Information

With our Online Order Status and Tracking system, you are automatically updated every step of the way.

As your goods are received and processed by EquipMySchool, each item is run through our one to one system, keeping you up to date as your order is received, assessed by quality control checkers, and carefully prepared for international shipment, ensuring your shipment arrives intact and on time.

Quality Paperwork

Quality Paperwork

The invoices and parcels despatched to the school are grouped by “Budget Holder”; that is the person within the school responsible for generating each “group” of order lines. For example, if the Art department place an order, the Art department’s parcels [and invoices] will be clearly marked. Resources for each other department will be packed in separate parcels. Every parcel includes a packing list detailing the contents. Invoices are raised using the same criteria, to help the bursar allocate spending accurately at the same time giving each budget holder accurate details of their funds.

​In contrast, Customs are only interested in the whole shipment. A separate document, designed specifically for Custom’s clearance, shows only the information required to complete that task; namely description, quantity and price.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our receiving system ensures every item in your order is triple-checked for quality and accuracy.

Occasionally items may not be up to specifications, or they may have been damaged during shipment. We contact suppliers immediately if replacement goods are needed.

EquipMySchool has dedicated account representatives with every supplier, allowing us to immediately resolve any issues- saving you time and hassle.

Appropriate Packing

Appropriate Packing

Unlike other consolidators, EquipMySchool receives and processes each item by hand, no matter how large the order.

You will see our iconic red white and blue packing tape on every box that passes through our warehouse. Sensitive instruments are carefully wrapped and buttressed against jostling; small items are protectively secured against loss. Even very large goods, like playground and stage equipment, bleachers and desks, are wrapped and padded to prevent damage.

The packing material is selected based on the freight method so, for example, light filling for air freight, compact filling for bulky shipments. Every little improvement helps save the school freight cost.

Competitive International Freight Rates

Competitive International Freight Rates

Freight is charged to the school at cost. Several agents, appropriately chosen for the destination of each shipment, are requested to provide quotations in order to secure the most competitive price, without compromising on service.

One of our goals is to save the school freight costs so that your budget can be spent on the resources for the classroom rather than moving those resources around the world.

Library Servicing

Library Servicing

Enjoy our subscription library service and automatically receive new titles every six months- or as often as you like. We can also provide any specific titles you request.

Choose our in-house cataloguing service, and your library will be prepared prior to shipment. With a customized return date label, a Dewey decimal classification label placed prominently on the spine, an electromagnetic security tag and a protective plastic jacket, every book will be shelf ready on arrival.

Goods Dispatched to Meet Your Deadline

Goods Dispatched to Meet Your Deadline

Only you know when the goods must be available in the school. EquipMySchool works to the deadline you set. Supply issues and stock availability make it very difficult to supply 100% of an order; our commitment is to provide your school with the highest possible fulfilment within the constraints imposed by each supplier you choose.

Competitive Discount Structure

Competitive Discount Structure

Most publishers do not allow full discount on textbooks, but EquipMySchool is proud to offer the following discounts:

  1. Books from Scholastic, Collins, Penguin, Schofield and Sims, Dorling Kindersley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and a number of other large publishers of educational books are sold at 20% discount from the RRP.
  2. Other fiction and non-fiction books and some textbooks, from mainstream publishers, are charged at 15% discount from the RRP.
  3. All other textbooks are charged at 7.5% discount from the international catalogue price.
  4. Books from smaller publishers, who allow insufficient trade discount, and most other educational resources are supplied at international catalogue price.
  5. Items from charitable organisations, Internet based companies and suppliers who charge shipping and/or handling are sold at catalogue price plus a service charge, which is never more than 10% of the cost.
Not sure we've answered everything here?

Not sure we've answered everything here?

  • I am writing a short note to say that we were very pleased with the consolidation and delivery of the Davy College order. Congratulations on doing a great job, and also in very good time!

    Ian Raitt Davy College, Peru
  • Wow wow wow ! Just to let you know that we received today the package containing the 4 receipt books and they went through customs without any problem ! That was super fast and amazing, EMS ! Thanks so much indeed for all you do, you are all number one 🙂 !

    Wafa Esseddiqi Rabat American School, Morocco
  • Thank you for your great, professional service and on-going assistance. Working with you was a delight and we look forward to a new collaboration next year.

    Patrizia Palla The International School in Genoa, Italy
  • It is always a pleasure working with you - Equip My School is organised and efficient and makes my life easier !!

    Gillian Greenwood Transylvania College, Romania
  • Thank you for sending the books out to us. I received them yesterday and my staff are very happy. Once again, I am grateful for the efficiency of your team.

    Mike Dickson, Headmaster The Regent Primary School, Nigeria
  • I too, would like to add my vote of thanks to the EquipMySchool staff for the very professional and prompt manner in which our order for the next school year is being handled. It is good to work with such a fine group of business-minded persons.

    Prof. George Hickman, Principal The Regent Secondary School, Nigeria
  • Happy New Year. First let me begin by thanking you and your team at Equip My School for making our 2014 orders easy to manage.

    Bob Simoneau, Bursar British School of Lomé, Togo
  • Good to hear from you again and glad to hear business is good for you too. It doesn’t surprise me, as the service you provide is so good I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere else!

    Jo Agaki International School, Brunei
  • Equip my school has been a revelation for BNA - things are running so much better here now with our orders etc. We actually have equipment!

    Andrea Blamire British Nigerian Academy, Nigeria
  • Many thanks for your help during the past year. Irene and I both enjoy working with you and your efficiency makes us look good!!

    Jo Agaki International School, Brunei