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About EquipMySchool

EquipMySchool was founded in 2007 by Helen and Stuart to supply British International Schools with the things they needed from the United Kingdom.

With support from friends and family and mentorship from Clive Sharples and Mary Walker, the 11 years of experience that Helen and Stuart each had quickly bore fruit. Year one was an experimental phase working from humble facilities to prove to all that it is possible to provide excellent service without costing the earth.

In 2008 the company moved to its first proper warehouse and continued to deliver top class service. The team grew and the business outgrew those premises.


In 2011 EquipMySchool began supplying American products to a small number of clients. By 2013 this service was opened to all clients, old and new, and EquipMySchool had its own warehouse and staff based in Charleston, South Carolina. Andrew Schmidt had joined the team by that time and was instrumental in the creation and installation of the American company.

EquipMySchool has continued to go from strength to strength and in 2018, the decision was made to relocate EquipMySchool USA to a new, larger warehouse space.

2020 sees a 12 year old company, staffed by an excellent team of talented and experienced individuals, supplying a range of British and American International Schools in all corners of the globe.

We are excited to see what the future holds.


Meet Our Team


  • Stuart
    Stuart Director and Co-Founder

    Stuart and Helen founded EquipMySchool in 2007 with a simple mantra: always keep your promises.

    A born digital native, Stuart has an intrinsic understanding of software, hardware, systems and processes; he loves ice cream and evenings in with a roaring log fire and his family of four.

  • Helen
    Helen Director and Co-Founder

    Helen and Stuart founded EquipMySchool on a bedrock of hard work, tenacity and love of fulfillment. In the words of their mentor, Clive, the Customer is King, full stop.

    Helen is passionate about Fine Art photography and has a purple belt in kickboxing, a joy she shares with her twelve year old Maezie, the eldest of four girls. The family also includes a yellow Fireblade, a cherry-colored Harley, a Dalmatian and a Cockapoo. Helen loves to take her camera on long motorcycle rides in the English countryside: come along via Instagram @chel.photography.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Director of International Business Development and Co-Owner
    An Eagle Scout with a Business and Russian History degree, Andrew joined our team in 2012, opening the US branch of EquipMySchool in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.  Andrew spends the majority of his year visiting clients around the world, training our international business development team and growing new relationships.  He lives by the philosophy that the world is full of friendships ready to be found.
    In his downtime Andrew enjoys gourmet cooking, high adventure camping, motorcycle trips, mixed martial arts and spending time with his wife.
    He always does what he says he’ll do and deeply believes the client comes first.

Client Care Team

  • Brad
    Brad Client Care Team Manager

    Brad spends his days ensuring the Client Care Team has all the tools they need to support our International Schools around the world with queries and enquires alike. He likes putting smiles on the faces of those around him, often with weird and wonderful facts about a multitude of topics.

    With the ability to look sagaciously at any given scenario and armed with a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing, Brad champions EquipMySchool’s aim to provide the highest possible standard of service.

    Time outside of working hours is often spent enjoying long walks through the country-side or relaxing with his admittedly pampered pooch.

  • Diane
    Diane Client Care Specialist

    In the evenings you will find this coffee-loving, pint-sized firecracker feeding family and friends. She likes reading, spending time with family and eating out.


  • James
    James Warehouse Supervisor

    James ensures all UK shipments dispatch and arrive on time, every time. Originally from Belfast, James has long lived in Lincolnshire with his wife and family, and has been with EquipMySchool from the very beginning, honing our warehouse processes into efficient, rock-solid routines.  He loves his work and believes anything worth doing is worth doing well.  

    Passionate about football and golf, James has many medals from his cup matches, but he is most proud of his collection of lucky jerseys for “the best teams,” Manchester United and the Glasgow Rangers.  A devoted family man, he enjoys hanging out with his kiddos in the evenings, and looks forward to a holiday together at Disney World someday.

  • Antonio
    Antonio US Warehouse Manager

    Antonio is a devoted husband to his wife Amanda and a caring father to two amazing kids, Layla and Izayah. Alongside his human family, he shares his love with two fur babies, Reily and Romee.

    During his leisure hours, Antonio spends quality time with his family and generously offers his time and support to his lodge, Monks Corner Lodge #323, actively participating in various charitable events.

Business Development

  • Paula
    Paula Business Development

    Formerly EquipMySchool’s US Purchaser, Paula now assists with marketing and client outreach. She loves assisting to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the tools they need for success today, weaving behind the scenes to expedite client fulfillment.

    In her private hours, Paula is also an award-winning writer. She is recipient of the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation award and Carol Marie Smith Memorial Scholarship for the NOEPE Center of Literary Arts. Her short stories are featured in The Art Mag and Sierra Nevada Review, and her podcast, Evenings Kingdom, is in the top 20% of all Spotify podcasts shared globally.

  • Tom
    Tom Business Development

    Tom moved back to the UK from the United Arab Emirates with his partner and grey tabby cat in 2019 after spending 6 years under the hot desert sun. He now resides in Edinburgh under slightly milder climes but with the addition of a little boy!

    Tom enjoys meeting new people and building long-lasting relationships with schools all over the world. In his spare time, he enjoys building Lego sets, watching Hearts thrash Hibbs at Tynecastle and going on holiday with the family. He also has an advanced open water scuba diving certificate, which he hopes to make use of again one day!


  • Mel
    Mel Goods In / Purchasing Manager

    Mel works in Quality Control and is never hesitant to speak up when she sees a path to a better solution for a client.  She enjoys solving problems and was initially lured to us by the promise that every day would feel like Christmas morning, what with the huge number of parcels to open.  

    On the weekends, she enjoys spending time in the garden, visiting her parents, and the lights of her life, her five grandkids.  She loves driving and has a little soft top MX5 . Her lifelong dream is to live on a canal boat, watching the world go by and stopping every so often at waterside pubs to taste the local brews.

  • Adele
    Adele Purchasing. UK Lead

    Mother of two extremely cute bunnies, Adele’s caring nature finds her checking in on bunny cam during lunch breaks where she often finds the kids getting up to no good.

    With a great eye for detail, Adele is always keen to get stuck into any problems and will not stop until she finds the solution.

    Interesting fact – being opposite ends of the height scale, Adele’s partner is the same height kneeling as her when she is standing!

  • Geniveve
    Geniveve Purchasing. US Lead

    Geniveve embarked on her journey with Equipmyschool in 2021, initially in a chasing team role before ascending to become the purchasing lead for the US team. Prior to this, she honed her skills in retail customer service at a BPO company in the Philippines.

    Her daily routine is anchored by her love for Spanish Latte, basking in warm lighting, and serenaded by feel-good tunes. Employing the Pomodoro technique, she efficiently manages her time and attention span.

    Outside of work, Geniveve finds joy in caring for her two Aspin dogs and a Shih Tzu with a bulldog-like appearance. During weekends, she indulges her passion for mangas and anime, nurturing a dream of establishing a manga cafe where enthusiasts can unwind with their favorite reads.



  • Beth
    Beth IT

    Our multi-faceted Beth is an experienced teaching assistant; she brings her love of learning to problem-solving for the company.  Beth adores Japanese cartoons, science fiction and fantasy novels, computer games – and not eating peas.

  • Adam
    Adam .Net Developer

    The puppet master behind our IT veil, our digital office is Adam’s world – we just live in it.  His technomantic abilities help ensure smooth international operations across both UK and US facilities.  His droll, extremely literal wit keeps us laughing, and yes, on task…

    After hours, when not in hibernation, Adam enjoys all things Marvel and DC, as well as video games – mostly JRPGs – anime, manga and light novels… but the one thing he cannot live without is air.

    It is often said you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Despite this, Adam wears a suit every day to the office, as he feels turning up dressed in a robe and wizard’s hat would be inappropriate.

Quality Control

  • Ariana
    Ariana US Goods In

    Ariana assists Brooke at Goods In, inspecting all materials on arrival and checking them into our system on a line by line basis, ensuring each item is exactly as requested by clients.  She reports all shortages, incorrect materials and any queries immediately to our Purchasing team, ensuring prompt resolution. Extremely detail-oriented and organized, Ariana strives for perfection with a smile.  She loves being able to solve issues on the spot and “never settles for good, only for the best.”

    She moved to the US from Italy in 1996 and treasures annual visits back home to visit family and friends, especially to Venice, which mesmerizes her every time she sees it.  Ariana loves treasure hunting in flea markets, the challenges that arise during restoration, and the pleasure in providing the secret lives of objects with fresh new chapters.  Additionally, she adores coffee, road trips with her 21 year old daughter, and summertime South Carolina: the beach, the sun, the heat and the relaxation that comes with it! 

  • I am writing a short note to say that we were very pleased with the consolidation and delivery of the Davy College order. Congratulations on doing a great job, and also in very good time!

    Ian Raitt Davy College, Peru
  • Wow wow wow ! Just to let you know that we received today the package containing the 4 receipt books and they went through customs without any problem ! That was super fast and amazing, EMS ! Thanks so much indeed for all you do, you are all number one 🙂 !

    Wafa Esseddiqi Rabat American School, Morocco
  • Thank you for your great, professional service and on-going assistance. Working with you was a delight and we look forward to a new collaboration next year.

    Patrizia Palla The International School in Genoa, Italy
  • It is always a pleasure working with you - Equip My School is organised and efficient and makes my life easier !!

    Gillian Greenwood Transylvania College, Romania
  • Thank you for sending the books out to us. I received them yesterday and my staff are very happy. Once again, I am grateful for the efficiency of your team.

    Mike Dickson, Headmaster The Regent Primary School, Nigeria
  • I too, would like to add my vote of thanks to the EquipMySchool staff for the very professional and prompt manner in which our order for the next school year is being handled. It is good to work with such a fine group of business-minded persons.

    Prof. George Hickman, Principal The Regent Secondary School, Nigeria
  • Happy New Year. First let me begin by thanking you and your team at Equip My School for making our 2014 orders easy to manage.

    Bob Simoneau, Bursar British School of Lomé, Togo
  • Good to hear from you again and glad to hear business is good for you too. It doesn’t surprise me, as the service you provide is so good I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere else!

    Jo Agaki International School, Brunei
  • Equip my school has been a revelation for BNA - things are running so much better here now with our orders etc. We actually have equipment!

    Andrea Blamire British Nigerian Academy, Nigeria
  • Many thanks for your help during the past year. Irene and I both enjoy working with you and your efficiency makes us look good!!

    Jo Agaki International School, Brunei
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