Customs is notoriously difficult in my country. Can EquipMySchool help ensure our shipment is delivered on time?


Yes. We have worked closely with freight agents, Customs agencies, and clients worldwide to develop our process for import and Customs clearance. Your shipment is sent with a document designed specifically for Customs clearance, showing only the information required by each of the countries and ports your shipment will travel through. Often each country, and sometimes individual ports within that same country, will have unique rules and regulations for imports. If Customs clearance can be tricky in your country, our years of experience with Customs will help ensure your package will be delivered safely and on time.

We have, and continue to, supply clients worldwide, including establishments in Angola, Vietnam, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, South Korea, Brunei, Romania, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines, Tanzania, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, The Netherlands, China, Cambodia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Italy, Tunisia and Liberia.

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