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The summer of 2014 has been both fantastic and difficult. It has presented EquipMySchool with additional challenges but the team have definitely risen to the occasion and succeeded to get everyone’s consignments on the sea on time. These 20 foot and 40 foot containers are now in transit to International School’s all around the world, each set to arrive just before the start of the new academic year.

The main problem faced this year has been lack of warehouse space. For the first time this year Helen has had to organise additional static secure storage external to our main warehouse. The following four photos were all taken on the same day, at the height of our busy season 2014. It can be seen that all areas of the process were simultaneously at maximum capacity.

Goods In at peak season in 2014

These goods are all waiting to be checked in to the building for the first time. They arrive, we identify which International School they are for and then they must be unpacked in order by priority.

Awaiting packing at peak season 2014

The goods in these cartons have all been checked once, at Goods In. They have now been stacked awaiting export packing, where they will be checked again for accuracy.

Ready for export, peak season 2014

Most of the products in this image have been processed and re-packed ready for export. These are now being stored awaiting their designated dispatch date.

Tables stacked high during the peak of 2014

Fortunately, some of the bulkier capital items stack nicely so we can use the full height of the Chapel Lane warehouse. No space is left unused! In the photo above you can see packing materials have been suspended from overhead beams to conserve floor space.

As luck would have it we are preparing to move into a new warehouse before the end of 2014. More details to follow in future posts.

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