They said it couldn’t be done!

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Educational goods exported door-to-door into Russia!

English International School, Moscow have been struggling with their imports for years but when they needed to open a new campus they just could not possibly manage without some new resources from the United Kingdom. The principal entrusted the orders to EquipMySchool. Although the road was long and relatively expensive the freight has now been delivered!

We could not have done it alone. This particular challenge required massive co-ordinated efforts from EquipMySchool, our agent Atlas Logistics UK, the school’s agent in Moscow in addition to the admin staff within the school. Huge kudos and thanks are due to all involved in the process. Thank you.

Imports into Russia are notoriously difficult. These boxes from EquipMySchool are pictured in the school office at English International School, Moscow. The dark blue tape was used by Russian Customs to re-seal the parcels after inspection.

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