The importance of Unity !

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Towards the middle of September, we were contacted by Ms Mariama Bah, an administrative assistant at the International Community School of Abidjan.

The school were in urgent need of a wealth of national flags to enable them to host their UN day celebration in late October without issue. We worked alongside ICSA to ensure the goods were processed, ordered and received as efficiently as possible. The hard work paid off, resulting in the goods being dispatched in their entirety in the middle of October and arriving in Côte d’Ivoire with the school a week later.

Ms Bah was kind enough to send us pictures of the UN celebration, accompanied by a complimentary side note:

“The UN day was a great success thank to you all who made this a memorable event. We’ll soon be ordering our next year flags and school supplies and will certainly need your help along the way. Thank you again with your coordinated effort, everything was here on time.”

It looked like a joyous day for all involved; we are proud to have assisted ICSA in making the day a success and look forward to working alongside one another further moving forwards!
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