You can’t beat a good pat on the back!

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The following message says it all really!

—Forwarded Message—
From: Joanna Agaki
Date: 9 June 2014 @ 01:57
Subject: RE: FW: BN2844 Not Being Supplied
To: Diane Moss


Dear Diane

Thank you, Diane, for managing to get together the vast majority of our orders to be included in the coming container. Our Primary orders were especially late this year, but you have managed to surpass our expectations in the amount of items you were able to source in such a short time.

It is why we continue to use EquipMySchool!

Thanks again,


Jo Agaki
Primary Resources
International School, Brunei

Thank you and well done to the team at EquipMySchool.  This praise is totally deserved.

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