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You can read more in my other post, Is this competition??, regarding what would have faced Heidi and her team had she not taken the plunge and used EquipMySchool this year.

Heidi, we are so pleased that you are pleased.

—Forwarded Message—
From: Heidi Cavanagh
Date: 6 January 2015 @ 21:07
Subject: Happily Opening Boxes
To: Stuart Rickard


Dear Stuart,

While we just started Monday and still have a few boxes to locate and many to still open, we are delighted with the ease of your system for identifying boxes.

Since this has not been our experience in the past, we just wanted to let you know how happy we really are. For a small school, you have certainly made the work that falls on just a few people so much easier. Please pass our thanks on to your team. We sincerely appreciate working with you!

It will probably take us about a week to get through everything so we will give you an update when we get to the end if there is anything to report but Cira and I are really happy with this process.


AISN Director
Niamey, Niger

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