There is more to packing boxes than you might think!

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Helen has been packing boxes for years! That may sound boring to you but people say your work is what you make it and Helen has turned box packing into an art form.

The size of the box has to be chosen to match the contents. The box has to be lined quickly but correctly to increase the strength of all six sides, because when you are packing the box you do not know which way up the box will be stacked for its journey!

The contents have to be placed securely in the box and the packing material has to be just right so that the goods do not move around and are protected for the duration of their imminent round-the-world cruise.

The box might need to be altered, perhaps it is too tall!? Helen could just close the box at whatever height it was manufactured to be and fill the extra space with more packing material… but that would be a waste. Better then to cut down the box so that it is just the right size. It takes more time but the end result is a smaller shipment and, don’t forget, our customers freight costs are calculated by both weight and volume!

The boxes are sealed with EquipMySchool tape. Union Jacks or Stars and Stripes??? That depends on the country of origin of the supplies you ordered.

An address label and document wallet containing a packing list are applied neatly to the sealed box so that this carton can take its place with its siblings as part of the consolidated freight being prepared for dispatch. The label identifies which shipment this carton belongs to and shows the unique carton number to identify this individual piece. Incase it gets lost on its travels the label shows the name, address and telephone number of the intended recipient. Perhaps most usefully the label shows, in large bold type, the destination school department for easy sorting upon arrival at destination.

More care and attention that you might think!

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